FAKE OFF BRANDS Running Google Ads against Drionic

Posted by Franklin B. Hayes on Feb 14th 2020

If you Google the name Drionic please notice how many other OFF-BRAND devices are paying Google to advertise against the Drionic Brand Name.  There's an overwhelming number OFF-BRANDS names such … read more

Drionic Scientific Reviews

Posted by Franklin B. Hayes on Feb 13th 2020

Unlike virtually every other iontophoresis device on the market, the Drionic devices have been clinically tested and the findings of third part human clinical trials have peer reviewed in reputable sc … read more

Fake Overpriced Plug-in Iontophoreis Devices

Posted by Franklin B. Hayes on Jan 5th 2020

If you're considering a plug-in iontophoresis device think again.Plug in devices are inherently far more dangerous than Drionic devices because they pushcurrent from one side of the body to the other … read more