Lies, Damned Lies & Derma Lies

Posted by Drionic® Update Bureau on Jun 1st 2020

Remember Wires....Beware!!!  Do you really want to with a Company that Constantly Publishes Lies?Drionic® Safe, Simple & Effective The Best Selling Iontophoresis Device Worldwide for 35 Years … read more

IontaCorona Devices Proudly Made Where Exactly?

Posted by Drionic® Update Bureau on May 21st 2020

They're Made At an Unspecified Location in China. Remember if you see Wires....Beware!!! Drionic® Wireless Devices - Still Proudly Made And Serviced in the USA!!! - Simply Amazing … read more

Silicone Graphite Electrodes Create BioHazard For You

Posted by Drionic® Update Bureau on May 19th 2020

Back to the Past Again After selling metal electrodes in their old devices for more than 30 years our desperate and failed former competitor is now promoting Silicone Graphite Electrodes as though the … read more