Fake Overpriced Plug-in Iontophoreis Devices

Posted by Franklin B. Hayes on Jan 5th 2020

If you're considering a plug-in iontophoresis device think again.

Plug in devices are inherently far more dangerous than Drionic devices because they push

current from one side of the body to the other crossing the heart and lungs.

If you unplug the device while one hand or foot is still in a pan of water you'll receive a serious,

dangerous and possibly fatal shock.

Most of the iontophoresis devices advertised on the internet are not regulated by any entity anywhere 

in the world and they're produced by companies that no one have ever heard of mostly in unknown Asian locations.

Any device that falsely proclaims the at it is "Approved" by the FDA is not.  

Ask FDA if they ever "Approve" any medical device. FDA does not. Find out where these devices are actually made.  

Find out the actual medical device manufacturing experience the people selling these devices actually have.

They're mainly fakes and phonies with little or no experience with medical devices at all.