My Friend Do You Have a Very Long Extension Cord Over There?

Posted by Mockem Bureau on Aug 6th 2020

My hands are little sweaty over here and I bought one of those cheap Asian plug-in devices.  Mon Dieu what a 

fool!!!  All this nonsense do I need 18mA oh no I need 12mA oh no I can't feel nothing at all what is going with these 

stupid things...they call this accurate current control, I call it perfect nonsense.  They have no idea what to tell you.

There is no support, no information and no guidance.  What phooey!!!

Send them packing back to where they were repackaged.  They're actually made at an undisclosed location in China

but they want you to think they were made here...More phooey!!!  All they sell is phooey!!!

So our friends Take Care....If you see Wires be Very Much Aware, Don't Be Fooled!!!

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