Silicone Graphite Electrodes Create BioHazard For You

Posted by Drionic® Update Bureau on May 19th 2020

Back to the Past Again

After selling metal electrodes in their old devices for more than 30 years our desperate and failed former competitor is now promoting Silicone Graphite Electrodes as though they are something new.  They have failed because they have now clearly exited the medical device manufacturing business because they were unable to compete against the far superior, simpler and safer design of Drionic® Wireless Devices.  They've gone the way of the Dodo.

Yes now they're desperately struggling to stay afloat as a distributor of another Eastern European manufacturer's devices.   This is their Hail Mary Pass to survive financially. Sell another company's re-badged devices as their own.  Yes we're on to their "Faker" devices.  Now if you're reading this article you are too.

Here's some real information for you:  Silicone graphite electrodes have been around for a long long time. They're not new at all. We tested this material extensively over 20 years ago and we found it to be dangerously toxic.  In fact it was so toxic that we could not justify doing clinical trials on it.  If there is any actual clinical trial data on Silicone Graphite please publish it.  Please show it to FDA and to the world.  But if valid data does not exist don't become an accidental guinea pig.

We can't find any clinical trial results because such trials were never done on silicone graphite.... therefore appropriate safety and efficacy data that comes from controlled clinical trials needed to evaluate silicone graphite electrodes doesn't exist!!!  

Now some very basic chemistry.  Silicone is number 14 on the Periodic Table of elements right next to Aluminum at Number 13. Silicone is defined as a Metalloid by Chemists.  Graphite is pure Carbon number 8 on the Table.  Combining the two makes a heavier molecule that is organically toxic.   Check with EPA and OSHA about Silicone-Graphite on this point.  You can't ingest pure Carbon because it is reactive in your body.

Yes much like Aluminum, Silicone conducts electricity, thus the name Silicone Valley, but Silicone has also been the subject of innumerable successful medical device lawsuits directly linking Silicone to serious health issues including but not limited to Autoimmune Diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease and Cancer clearly because Silicone becomes an organically toxic material when combined with pure Carbon (graphite).  Carbon is the basis of all Organic Chemistry.  Pure Carbon reacts with anything that is living because all living entities are Carbon based.

In contrast Aluminum, which is the most abundant metal on earth, has not ever been successfully linked to any serious health issues.  The concerns about linkages to senility and cognitive concerns have all been completely debunked. You can check this fact out for sure at the Dartmouth College Metals Lab.

Before you buy any fake overpriced Eastern European or Asian Devices call and find out more.  Get their actual names and professional medical device experience of the people in charge.  You'll discover that their actual names don't sound anything like their company name and they have almost zero medical device engineering experience.  This is why they're now selling another company's devices using fake names and fake scientific references.  They don't have any real engineering skill or experience at all.

Ask them where their "new devices" are actually made.  Not where the manufacturer's offices are.  Find out where the devices are actually made.  Again two very different answers from the fakers.

The fakers are now just selling overpriced seriously dangerous devices from Eastern Europe.   Their old devices were also dangerous plug-in devices that are sending more than 60 volts of energy across your heart and lungs from one electrode to the other.  This is DC current that can only travel from a positive electrode to a negative electrode across the body due to their antiquated old fashioned design.

In contrast Drionic® Wireless Devices keep the current localized to the specific treatment area so they need far less power and the current never crosses your heart and lungs.  Plus our devices actually are made and serviced in the U.S.A. Hope you get the actual picture.  They can't fool us, hopefully the won't fool you either.

Remember if you see Wires....Beware!!!  High prices and Dangerous designs that are sure to shock you!!!

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