How Drionic Works

First message this week!

February 06, 2014 0 Comments

Our first message this week came from a new user Jason he wrote to us.

"I am 150% satisfied with my Drionic.  Thanks for making such a great product."

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Drionic Has a New Distributor in South Africa

May 23, 2013 0 Comments

SkinTECH is a supplier of dermatological equipment in Southern Africa. Established in 2000 as Lagway Trading cc, the company was rebranded as SkinTECH in 2009, focussing wholely on dermatology. SkinTECH is the authorized  distributor of Daavlin phototherapy devices (USA), Chemotechnique's patch testing equipment (Sweden), 3 GEN's dermoscopy equipment (USA), ACM's Vitix and Vitilolor (France) and Fabinject's Skin Cooler (brazil). Also in its portfolio are MediPatch for acne and Scar Smooth for keloids and hypertrophic scars. Its products are known for their high quality even in their countries of origin.

SkinTECH exhibits regularly in congresses of a dermatological nature including the South African Society of Dermatological Surgery, The Vitiligo Society of South Africa, the Congress of the South African Dermatology Society and the expos of Professional Beauty South Africa. Its representatives call on dermatologists, general practitioners, plastic and general surgeons and beauty therapists.

SkinTECH is pleased to announce that it has been appointed distributor of the Drionic iontophoresis device, a product that will dovetail seamlessly into its basket of offerings. Drionic is known in South Africa to some dermatologists but its availability has been erratic. With SkinTECH already committed to distribution of dermatological equipment, supplies are only an email or telephone call away.

To place your order or to enquire about the product in South Africa, kindly contact or phone 071 138 8605.

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Drionic Works in New Zealand Too

March 05, 2013 0 Comments

 Hello to you, from one very happy Kiwi!

I purchased the Drionic from you five weeks ago and wanted to let you to know just how much this amazing piece of equipment has changed my life.  THANK YOU to the General Medical Company team.

For 42 years I have suffered from excessive sweaty hands and feet.  I learned about iontophoresis a few years ago, however living in New Zealand made it almost impossible for me to purchase, or even trial, any type of product such as the Drionic.   That was until I came across your website!

Firstly, thank you for sending the Drionic to me all the way over here in New Zealand.  And thank you for being so obliging to me recenlty when you arranged to post new batteries.

For the very first time in 42 years, I spent this (humid) weekend in New Zealand with dry hands and feet.   To hold someone's hand and not be worried about them thinking they are holding a wet fish is something that I never thought I would experience.  But thanks to Drionic, I was able to hold my husband's hand this weekend and be relieved (and rapt) that my hand was actually dry!    Words  really can not tell you how you have made me feel.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. .

Kind regards


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Another Drionic Experience

March 05, 2013 0 Comments


Dear Drionic:

I have been using your hand/feet device for 14 years and am so incredibly grateful for it's help reducing the sweat from my hands and feet. Since birth my hands and feet have been more than just clamy--they have been dripy and damp. Droplets of sweat would literally collect when I wasn't moving. Besides making me feel sticky and sensitive when writing on paper, chalk boards or washing the dishes, this has always made me feel uncomfortable shaking or holding someone's hand. I searched for many solutions including chemical application antiperspirants which didn't work. I started considering Botox or surgery but one was so temporary and painful. The other was expensive and potentially dangerous. 

Thankfully a dermatologist told me they had heard about Drionic online and had a few patients found that it worked. The doctor didn't have much by way of paperwork and since it wasn't something she administered through her office-- and didn't spend much time explaining it. She had their doubts because she knew nothing about it but felt obligated to mention it because her patients had such great luck. As a last resort to avoid surgery I ordered it--and after 12/14 days my hands were completely dry. It was amazing to feel it start to work as days went by. It slowly started at my palm and after each treatment worked it's way to my fingers. I have been using it for 14 years (since I was 16) and with once weekly treatments, keep my hands sweat free!

For anyone unsure about whether this works--it does. You just need to be diligent to follow the instructions. Some advice for new patients--I prefer to treat my hands so they aren't completely completely dry. A little dampness makes my hands feel normal. I also use Vaseline around all of my cuticles and any cuts every time I do a treatment (you can buy large tubs of the stuff at CVS or Walgreens) because my hands are sensitive. When I do this, the treatment doesn't hurt. I also do my treatments at the full level and don't find it uncomfortable if I have Vaseline on the sensitive areas. The amount of water in the bucket doesn't make much of a difference either--the important thing is having the pads wet and your hand touching both so it can conduct the electrical currents that go back and forth.

I am so grateful for Drionic and feel this machine has changed my life.  

Thank you!

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Drionic Devices Five Year Warranty

December 04, 2012 0 Comments

The General Medical Company announced the implementation of a 5 year extended warranty program at no additional cost to the buyer.  This new extended warranty program provides full parts and labor coverage for five years from the date of purchase.   The program has a $25 deductible.  The customer also pays shipping to and from the factory.   The Drionic Devices are among the safest, most durable and reliable medical devices in the world.

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New Extended Warranty Program Full Service Package

September 24, 2012 0 Comments

Drionic now has a five year extended warranty program that covers all parts and labor for a period of five years for $145.

On top of the basic warranty and guarantee period this is by far the best value offered by any iontophoresis device manufacturer.

Call 1-855-DRIONIC today to get more details on this program.

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Dave from Ohio

August 03, 2012 0 Comments

Dave called from Ohio last evening to get some help from us with his Healthcare Insurance Reimbursement for his Drionic.  We gave him the information he needed and noted that he was a new Drionic user.   In passing we asked how the Drionic is working for him and responded immediately and enthusiastically..."great!" 

He went on to say that he is in his early forties and he's suffered from hyperhidrosis all of his life.  He had tried a large number of remedies and nothing worked for him until the Drionic.  We asked him how he found out about Drionic.  He answered that he had been to a number of doctors who had treated with various remedies.  He finally found a more experienced Dermatologist who recommended the Drionic to him. 

Dave followed this Dermatologist's recommendation bought a Drionic and the now his hyperhidrosis is safely, effectively and affordably under control.  Dave was thrilled.

Dave's insurance company also agreed to provide 100% reimbursement for his Drionic.  

What a great outcome for Dave and what a great win for Drionic.  

At General Medical Company we're not successful until our customers are successful and we put our money behind that pledge with each and every Drionic purchase.   We offer a 45 day money back guarantee that can be easily extended to 90 days if the customer requests it.

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Espana Le Gusta Drionic

June 28, 2012 0 Comments

The Drionic was recently discussed on television is Spain.

The link to the interview is posted below:


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Drionic Search versus Banner Ads

June 08, 2012 0 Comments

Google is the leading search engine on the internet because after 15 years it still works better than any other search engine.

In similar fashion Drionic is the leading medical device used for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis.  it's still number one.

The reason is simple Drionic is safer, more effective and more affordable than any other treatment system.

The Google search engine can be used to provide our customers convincing evidence to support this statement.

Type in the word Drionic into the Google search box and will be the first name to appear to appear in the middle of the page.

Look though all of the paid banner ads that surround the Drionic results page.

These banner ads are paid for by: Allergan the maker of Botson, Proctor & Gamble the maker of Old Spice, Gillette etc.  

Most of them much bigger companies than us.

Now return to the Google search box and type in any of the names that have purchased sponsored ads around the Drionic name.

Look at how many sponsored ads appear around their names.  Absolutely none!

Why is this?  Its simple their products don't work as well as Drionic for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis and all their competitors know it.

That's why no one pays to advertises against those other less effective products.  They just can't match Drionic's performance.

The Google search engine helps to prove what we already know about the Drionic.... it still can't be beaten.

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