Dave from Ohio

Dave called from Ohio last evening to get some help from us with his Healthcare Insurance Reimbursement for his Drionic.  We gave him the information he needed and noted that he was a new Drionic user.   In passing we asked how the Drionic is working for him and responded immediately and enthusiastically..."great!" 

He went on to say that he is in his early forties and he's suffered from hyperhidrosis all of his life.  He had tried a large number of remedies and nothing worked for him until the Drionic.  We asked him how he found out about Drionic.  He answered that he had been to a number of doctors who had treated with various remedies.  He finally found a more experienced Dermatologist who recommended the Drionic to him. 

Dave followed this Dermatologist's recommendation bought a Drionic and the now his hyperhidrosis is safely, effectively and affordably under control.  Dave was thrilled.

Dave's insurance company also agreed to provide 100% reimbursement for his Drionic.  

What a great outcome for Dave and what a great win for Drionic.  

At General Medical Company we're not successful until our customers are successful and we put our money behind that pledge with each and every Drionic purchase.   We offer a 45 day money back guarantee that can be easily extended to 90 days if the customer requests it.