Another Drionic Experience


Dear Drionic:

I have been using your hand/feet device for 14 years and am so incredibly grateful for it's help reducing the sweat from my hands and feet. Since birth my hands and feet have been more than just clamy--they have been dripy and damp. Droplets of sweat would literally collect when I wasn't moving. Besides making me feel sticky and sensitive when writing on paper, chalk boards or washing the dishes, this has always made me feel uncomfortable shaking or holding someone's hand. I searched for many solutions including chemical application antiperspirants which didn't work. I started considering Botox or surgery but one was so temporary and painful. The other was expensive and potentially dangerous. 

Thankfully a dermatologist told me they had heard about Drionic online and had a few patients found that it worked. The doctor didn't have much by way of paperwork and since it wasn't something she administered through her office-- and didn't spend much time explaining it. She had their doubts because she knew nothing about it but felt obligated to mention it because her patients had such great luck. As a last resort to avoid surgery I ordered it--and after 12/14 days my hands were completely dry. It was amazing to feel it start to work as days went by. It slowly started at my palm and after each treatment worked it's way to my fingers. I have been using it for 14 years (since I was 16) and with once weekly treatments, keep my hands sweat free!

For anyone unsure about whether this works--it does. You just need to be diligent to follow the instructions. Some advice for new patients--I prefer to treat my hands so they aren't completely completely dry. A little dampness makes my hands feel normal. I also use Vaseline around all of my cuticles and any cuts every time I do a treatment (you can buy large tubs of the stuff at CVS or Walgreens) because my hands are sensitive. When I do this, the treatment doesn't hurt. I also do my treatments at the full level and don't find it uncomfortable if I have Vaseline on the sensitive areas. The amount of water in the bucket doesn't make much of a difference either--the important thing is having the pads wet and your hand touching both so it can conduct the electrical currents that go back and forth.

I am so grateful for Drionic and feel this machine has changed my life.  

Thank you!