Drionic Works in New Zealand Too

 Hello to you, from one very happy Kiwi!

I purchased the Drionic from you five weeks ago and wanted to let you to know just how much this amazing piece of equipment has changed my life.  THANK YOU to the General Medical Company team.

For 42 years I have suffered from excessive sweaty hands and feet.  I learned about iontophoresis a few years ago, however living in New Zealand made it almost impossible for me to purchase, or even trial, any type of product such as the Drionic.   That was until I came across your website!

Firstly, thank you for sending the Drionic to me all the way over here in New Zealand.  And thank you for being so obliging to me recenlty when you arranged to post new batteries.

For the very first time in 42 years, I spent this (humid) weekend in New Zealand with dry hands and feet.   To hold someone's hand and not be worried about them thinking they are holding a wet fish is something that I never thought I would experience.  But thanks to Drionic, I was able to hold my husband's hand this weekend and be relieved (and rapt) that my hand was actually dry!    Words  really can not tell you how you have made me feel.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. .

Kind regards