June 11, 2014 A Very Happy Mother's Thanks

June 11, 2014 0 Comments
Hi- I just wanted to thank you for your product.  I ordered the  Drionic device for hand for my 19 year old daughter this past winter. She has always had wet hands, feet and underarms, and is very self conscious about her sweating.  I ordered the  item as I was familiar with the device after working with Melvyn Elgart MD at the George Washington University in the late 1980s- we always had the phone number for the Drionic device at the front desk and a set RX for it for the patients who asked for it.  
Since my daughter has mentioned the issue with her hands- her brother and sister called her hands "clam-chops" because of it- I thought I would order it for her to see if it would help prior to going through the process of MD visits and potential surgery.  
I called, ordered and it was delivered.  Within 3 weeks she saw results- she even had to use moisturizer on her hands for the first time in her life.  She says that she uses it while watching TV and has no problem with the use and care of the machine.  She no longer has to wipe her hands off on her jeans when she shakes someone's hand and she can hold and use tablets, phones and game controlers without the fear of sweat and moisture.  
It is absolutely amazing.  Thank you Thank you thank you.

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