Why Don't I Feel Anything?

February 28, 2011 0 Comments

Drionic routinely receives calls from customers inquiring why they don't feel anything when they use their Drionic.

The reason for this is because the Drionic is designed to produce no noise, vibration or heat.  If the green light is on the machine is working properly.  It's just that simple!

This design attribute is intended to make Drionic uniquely comfortable, convenient and safe to use.

The vast majority of Drionic users feel nothing.   A few will feel a small sensation initially that will almost always dissipate over time.

While the Drionic is powered by 9V DC batteries, its unique internal circuitry converts the batteries DC power to AC.  Drionic's scientists found that AC current provides a much safer form of iontophoresis and AC current improves the performance of the product significantly.

The Drionic's unique AC design also prevents electric current from traveling through the body.  We think this is just a much healthier way to go!  It also allows the Drionic to be effective using a low voltage level of 9 volts.

Remember be patient and most importantly keep treating yourself regularly with your Drionic.  It has been shown be 87% effective.

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