Actual Drionic Experience

March 16, 2011 0 Comments

As a practical matter most Drionic customers report overwhelming satisfaction and happiness with their Drionic.  They find the device to be safe, reliable and effective.  Many new users expect the Drionic to perform for them in very  short period of time.    The average usage time to demonstrated effectiveness is seven hours, but for many people this may take substantially longer.  We suggest that a new user be prepared to try the device for at least 42 half hour sessions over six weeks.   The reason for the difference?  Many peoples sweat glands are substantially larger than average and they just need more time on the Drionic to form an effective block.

If a new Drionic user treats themselves with the device for half an hour a day for six weeks there is an 87% chance that the user will see a clear reduction in their level of perspiration.   The reason Drionic is offered with a 45 day money back guarantee is because it may take six weeks for some users to fully determine Drionic's effectiveness for them.

General Medical the Drionic's manufacturer prides itself on being an reasonable and honorable company and it has fulfilled this commitment to its customers for 50 years.

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