Drionic A Real User Experience

April 11, 2011 0 Comments

April 11, 2011

We received a call from a Real 10 Year User of the Drionic this afternoon.

This gentleman was considering ordering a Drionic for his nine year old daughter.  He was wondering if there is a restriction on age for the use of the Drionic.   There is not.   It has been found that some children under the age of 7 have a greater tendency to feel the low electrical current produced by the Drionic.   Our recommendation is to lower the current and reduce the treatment time until the user desensitizes.

This father who called us, reaffirmed that the Drionic was a life changer for him because he is a sales representative that needs to shake hands frequently during the day.    He said that he tried all of the topical anti-perspirants on the market.  None of them worked for him.  He found that only the Drionic successfully treated his hyperhidrosis.   He asked if hyperhidrosis is an inherited condition because his daughter seems to be developing the same condition.   The answer is absolutely yes. 

This condition has no relationship to lifestyle, emotional well being or character.  It is simply a person that has larger than normal sweat glands which is determined 100% by the individual's genes.   The Drionic is an ingenious solution to treat the symptoms of hyperhidrosis and it is the only device that is sold directly to consumers that has been shown to be effective in measurably reducing sweating through human clinical trials.   Don't sweat it with Drionic.

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