Another Actual Drionic Experience

May 14, 2011 0 Comments

Last week Victoria M called from the Middle East to order some replacement Drionic parts.

Our staff is always interested in learning of our customers Actual Drionic Experience and so when we asked Victoria about her Drionic experience we were pleased to hear that Victoria has been using her Drionic for nearly ten years with far better success than she had with Botox.  Not only has she found the Drionic to be more effective than Botox treatments for her hyperhidrosis, but she has found her Drionic treatments to  much safer, completely painless and far less costly than Botox treatments.  It just goes to show that sometimes simple is often just a whole lot better.

Victoria commented that she used to be able to wear only black or white garments in the warm Middle Eastern climate in which she currently lives.  That night she was looking forward to going out for dinner in a bright pastel dress with the confidence that her hidrosis will be under complete control.   Victoria offered to speak to anyone about her Actual Drionic Experience.

Victoria speaks English and Spanish.  If you'd like to speak with Victoria let us know and we'll arrange to introduce you on the phone.

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