Juvenile Has Excellent Drionic Experience

May 24, 2011 0 Comments

May 24, 2011 Mike S called from Florida to report the success he had treating his 9 year old daughter's hyperhidrosis using the Drionic Hand/Foot Device.    Due to her age we advised Mike to start his daughter's treatment at a low power setting and to limit treatment time to 15 minutes.

Within a few treatments the nine year old was able to treat the full 30 minutes and at full power and her hyperhidrosis was brought completely under control by her Drionic within 2 weeks.  He also appreciated our advice to thoroughly rinse the pads after each use to control the drying effect of salts that are produced during iontophoresis.

Mike himself is a veteran Drionic user and thus is a true believer in the the product.  He was, however, concerned about using the device with his relatively young daughter.

Mike was extremely pleased to call and report his daughter's good news and we were extremely pleased to hear it.

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