Plug-In Drionic No-Go

June 27, 2011 0 Comments

Last week a customer from Rhode Island called to order some parts for her Drionic.

She asked if we were considering offering a plug-in version of the Drionic.

We answered absolutely not.  This in our judgment is a terrible idea from two safety

standpoints.  One is there is significant risk or electrocution from any plug-in unit

for a person that is treating themselves.

This particular customer immediately affirmed this.  She had been using a much more 

expensive plug-in unit and reached for the plug while one hand was still in the unit and she 

severely shocked herself and injured her arm severely.   Plus she said that she gets better results 

from the Drionic than the more expensive unit.   We already suspected this but of course the 

competition will never admit this.   More money does not mean better results or more safety.

The other reason is that the Drionic is designed so that current does not pass through the body. 

The Drionic's current merely travels to the body not through it.  There is a big big difference 

that no body seems to understand or talk about on the internet.

Finally, we warned against any of the modifications to Drionic shown on the internet to convert it to

110 Volt power.    For both of the reasons above this is just a terrible idea.  Don't do it you'll just end

up injuring yourself.   

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