Melissa's Oklahoma Experience

August 11, 2011 0 Comments


Called us from Oklahoma City last week in urgent need of some Drionic batteries in preparation for her big day.  She's been using the Drionic for about 10 years with great results.  She encouraged us to advertise the Drionic more.  She said that when she tells people about it they don't know that it exists and then they don't believe that it works.   Currently the main reason that we're not advertising the Drionic more heavily is that we like our business the way that it is.   We try to serve a special group of people very seriously in a very focused manner and we try to keep our cost structure down.  Advertising adds a great deal of expense to our company overhead.  Like all companies we want to grow but our best advertising are satisfied customers.   So please tell your friends and family about your Drionic experience and let them know that we'll give a 10% referral discount to any new Drionic customer who is referred to us by an existing Drionic customer.  We'd rather spend our advertising dollars on our customers.  

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