Drionic Improves Handicap - Golfer Loses Grip Without It

February 13, 2012 0 Comments

Craig M called today to schedule a factory service call for his Drionic.  He mentioned that he was in immediate need of the service because his golf game is highly dependent on the dry hands he keeps with his Drionic.  He's been using his Drionic for about four or five years.   Before the Drionic he was a five or six handicap and now he is below scratch.


By the way the Drionic Factory service is one of the best values we offer at General Medical Company.  For $25 we will run a 500 point circuit test, repair any broken or loose battery contacts, replace the plates, batteries and pads.   If the service call does not restore the unit to full working order we will credit the fee toward the purchase of a new unit.  It is about 90% successful though.

We're pleased the Drionic works so well for Craig and we'll be visiting more pro shops ourselves letting them know about Drionic too.

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