Another Fantastic Drionic Experience Reported

April 25, 2012 0 Comments


I have been using Drionic for several years, now.  It is a Godsend. I have sufferred with sweaty hands and palms for all of my life, until I started using Drionic.   I just want to mention, that even though I mostly am concerned with keeping my hands dry, I find that by using Drionic only on my feet, my hands stay dry, also. I know this may sound strange, so I'll say it again. I, only, use the Drionic on my feet and when my feet are dry, my hands stay dry as well. Its so much easier to use it on my feet.  I usually work at my computer, while, keeping my feet in the Drionic. It never fails. When my feet get dry, so do my hands. Just thought I would pass that on.


Sandy in Florida

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