What Best Actually Means

Posted by Drionic Updates on Aug 10th 2021


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The Drionic® Wireless Devices have been the most widely used and accepted iontophoresis devices in the world for the past 25 years.

The Drionic® devices were tested in large scale human clinical trials conducted at Johns Hopkins, Walter Reed, George Washington University and Northwestern University. These studies were further validated by many additional peer review studies that validated the results shown in the original Drionic® trials.

It is amusing to see most of our erstwhile competitors point to our scientific studies in their promotional materials. None of them have conducted any meaningful clinical work to demonstrate both the safety and effectiveness of their devices anywhere. Instead they rely on our work but their devices are all significantly different in their design from the Drionic® Wireless Devices. One competitor was so uninformed about iontophoresis they published a false ad stating that the Drionic® devices did not contain operating features that we invented, patented and published. These are neither serious scientists, engineers or business people. They are pompous clowns trying to fool you.

This is quite good for them but actually quite bad for you.

The Fake Off-Brands are all using without any exception using dangerous plug-in designs that are needlessly expensive and less effective than the Drionic® design. Drionic® contains a number of important trade secrets that competitors have not been able to reverse engineer although just like Coca Cola they've been trying to copy our design for over 25 years. They still can't figure out how it really works.

The unique design of the Drionic® devices recognizes how iontophoresis actually works. Our clearer understanding of iontophoresis which is supported by over 200 filed and approved patents specifically related to iontophoresis allows the use of much smaller levels of electrical current that is localized to the treatment areas of the hands, feet and underarms. It is quite doubtful that our competitors have read all 200 our iontophoresis patents and we are quite certain that they do not understand most of them. A patent application is over 200 pages of legal sized material in 8 point type. One successful application is considered a lifetime achievement by most inventors. We have earned over 300 of them.

In order to accomplish our patent success a great deal of scientific research and engineering work had to be developed in the Drionic® and this is why although many companies say they have the same features that were invented and patented by Drionic® such as pulsed current and alternating signal their actual implementation of these key technologies is entirely incorrect. They may have read one or two of our patents but they clearly did not understand them and they clearly do not have an in depth understanding of how iontophoresis actually works. They're still very much amateurs in the field.

This is why the other brands on the market try to imply that that they're as good as Drionic® but they never produce any scientific evidence to support their intentionally false claims. Yet they want you to believe that you should spend up to 5 times the amount on their devices to achieve poorer results at much greater risk and cost to you. They are trying to fool you but they fool no one.

If you're a smart buyer you'll see and understand the inherent advantages of Drionic® Wireless Devices. Doctors and patients around the world know that Drionic® devices work the best, they're far safer and clearly far more affordable.