What's wrong with this picture?

Posted by Drionic Updates on May 12th 2021

There are two wires running from the controller to two electrodes under the arms. The controller is plugged into the wall at 120 volts incoming current. But here's the real issue. One wire is … read more

More Derma Lies - Verified Reviews

Posted by Drionic Updates on May 11th 2021

Verified Reviews?  By Whom?It their "reviews" are verified why aren't the full names and contact informationof the verifiers provided?The "reviews" being posted on line are totally fake. &nb … read more

Let's Make This Simple

Posted by Drionic Updates on May 10th 2021

Drionic® - 95% Success Rate - $257.00(Confirmed in controlled Human Clinical Trials at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Walter Reed Military Hospital, Northwestern University School of Medicine and G … read more